hi guys. im 8bit
im a little guy who does things for fun, some of which include making a website...
and drawing with a mouse

8Bit (my sona) looking up at... nothing.
this is 8bit (the guy). don't you just love him? no? ok

so what do you do

i, uh... program. a lot. heres a list of a few things im proud of:

here's a full list


hey, i've got my own 88x31! go ahead, hotlink it if you want:

and heres what that looks like:

8bitosc (dot net)

anyways here are some actual 88x31s:

people, groups, etc

lily LateTheIdiot's 88x31 button whenthesilly

sites i use

waste of dot money hosted by neocities

things i support

keep the web free. say no to web3 nfts: no fucking thanks! this is an ani-nft site trans rights now!* free palestine

the mysterious "other" section

yo-kai watch

*disclaimer: i am not trans. trans people are cool tho